Benefits Of Taxi Dispatch Software For Ride-Hailing Business

Not just in one country or city, taxi service has become an essential means of transportation around the globe.
The ease of booking a taxi instantly, has greatly complemented to the demand for ride-hailing services, as a result, the taxi business is one of the strongly emerging industries across the world.
Uber, Lyft, Ola etc are the perfect instances of how a taxi dispatch software can make a great difference in handling a taxi business in today’s highly competitive world.

Importance Of Taxi Dispatch Software

One of the greatest and complex hurdles that any taxi business encounters is the inefficiency and incapability, that occurs during the manual dispatch process.
On a frequent note, the transmission of the customer location and the details are misconstrued that often leads to a lot of inconvenience to both the drivers and customers. An efficient taxi dispatch system ensures that it eliminates all the above-mentioned problems by offering the perfect solution which is capable enough to provide the dispatchers an intact control by assigning taxis to every customer.
Taxi dispatch software thus helps in seamless functioning of whole ride hailing service.

6 Business Benefits of Taxi Dispatch Software

1. Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking in taxi dispatch software helps, drivers and passengers both to be aware of each other’s exact location and make the pickup seamless. Real-time tracking ensures your drivers and also monitors them with regards to reaching the pickup location on time. This helps in sustaining in the market against the competitors.

2. Increase in Drivers’ Efficiency

Driver’s efficiency and productivity in terms of fare price, behavior, pick time etc has to be measure and managed. With a taxi dispatch software, businesses can monitor driver’s performance, productivity, and also allow passengers to leave a feedback on the ride. This could help ride-hailing providers to identify the actual problem and to better the driver’s efficiency.

3. Multiple Payment Options

Taxi dispatch software must have the features which would contribute to making the lives of customers easier. The core feature that can’t be missed out in a taxi dispatch software is multiple payment options. It allows riders to pay via different methods, including credit cards, debit cards or any other payment method.

4. Manual Booking

Manual booking feature in taxi dispatch software helps in manually  assigning bookings to cab drivers in different ways:

  1. Dispatching bookings received over a phone call / call-center
  2. Un-assign a driver and assign a booking to another driver (manual override in case of an issue)
  3. In case of auto-dispatch failure, the booking can be managed by the central dispatcher.


5. Special Zone Management

Taxi dispatch software also helps the taxi service company to provide certain locations set as special zones to their passengers, as the system will dispatch the request based on the driver’s position in the queue. For example, let’s take the airport, the driver who has spent the longest time without a job gets the booking first.

6. Pre Booking & Scheduling

Taxi dispatch software also provides the pre-booking feature which helps customers to book the taxi in advance anytime they want.

For instance, the passenger can book & scheduled a taxi for the next day, by configuring the system to send the booking out to all drivers around that requested location on same day.

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