Augmented Reality Can
Enhance Your

AR Furniture

An augmented reality solution for retail and real estate industries to place 3D products like furniture and accessories in a real-world environment. The plane tracking AR solution helps to place furniture in the customer’s living space.

This helps users make better product decisions for their house or workspace.

AR Try-On

AR Try-on is a major game-changer in the e-commerce and retail industry. The solution renders 3-D models of shoes for customers to virtual try-on to enhance social shopping experiences both at home and in-store.

E-commerce apps can also use AR Try-on to visualize clothes and other accessories.

AR Navigation

AR Navigation solutions can be crucial to ease consumers’ journey in indoor and outdoor premises. The map data is overlaid on the screen through animated, highlighted, and outlined pathways.

This can be helpful in complex spaces like airports, shopping malls, college campuses, and more.

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Appscrip aims to provide cutting-edge technologies to the traditional processes by creating immersive customer engagement to new-generation users.


Immersive Experiences

Scale your marketing campaigns with rich user interfaces to modify reality.

Brand Awareness

Unique brand experiences for global brands and startups to drive sales.

Multi-channel Integration

Adaptive AR to interact with consumers on multiple channels for integrated marketing.

Detailed Analytics

Leverage our data analytics expertise to craft user-centric AR solutions.

Technologies We Use

Industries We Serve


Retail online advertising, product packing, print advertisements can all be upgraded through AR. This in turn will help increase ROIs and conversions.

AR Commerce

Ecommerce websites and apps can innovate their marketing campaigns using AR visualizations. They can deliver life-like experiences through product visualizations.


Manufacturing machinery paper manuals can be replaced by AR digital manuals for increased safety and quality in their processes.

Education & Training

Reinvent the learning environment and workforce through AR training that simplifies concepts and evaluates performance uniquely.

Social Media

Social media apps can be made entertaining through fully functional AR filters. Brands and users can engagingly promote products.

Travel & Hospitality

AR apps can provide a global experience of pristine tourist destinations and historical locations to users within their homes.

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