cameo app clone Cameo App Clone - Celebrity Shoutout Software - Cameo Clone Script

CAMEO APP CLONE, Build a CELEBRITY SHOUTOUT platform with our pre-built cameo clone script

Our cameo app clone connects celebrities to their fans & allows fans to book video messages from celebrities. Be it a birthday wish, good luck messages, baby gender reveals, job offers or simply pep talks.

The features of StarStruk are based on the popular Cameo app. Additionally this #celebrityshoutout platform has an ecommerce revenue model that opens up monetization avenues for celebrities and gives fans lifetime memories.


What Is A Cameo App Clone?

It is a prebuilt celebrity shoutout platform, where fans can request their favorite celebrities (across entertainment sectors) to record personalized videos for them. The features of this software are based on the famous apps: Cameo, Wysh, Tring, Star Bytes.

What Are The Features Of Cameo App Clone?

1. Users can view daily sneak-peeks from their favorite star’s life.

2. Users can request personalized video shout-outs for themselves, friends, and/or family.

3. Users can also request a one-on-one video call with the celebs. They can stay updated about their favorite star’s recent endorsements and projects.

4. When a star promotes a brand or product, users can purchase it directly from the cameo app clone.

Can Launching An App Like Cameo Be Profitable?

Wouldn’t fans just love if they received customized videos from their favorite celebrities? Of course!

And for celebrities, it’s a new way of interacting with fans & building their brand name. It also rakes in the money in the bargain.

In the US, the celebrity and talent industry generates annual revenue of $10B.

Recent data trends predict that this platform has the potential to hit a unicorn valuation- annual revenue of $34M by 2022.

What Differentiates StarStruk
From The Cameo App

VIDEO CALLS WITH CELEBS: Users can book slots for video calls with their favorite stars. This unique feature helps create an authentic celeb-fan moment.

E-COMMERCE MONETIZATION FEATURE: Celebrities can tag and endorse brands, while users can purchase the promoted products, directly from within the app.

SOCIAL FEED: Celebs & Influencers can not only share their shoutout videos in the in-app social feed but also create independent posts. This feature is very similar to that of Instagram’s Reels. 


UI FLOW OF Our Cameo App Clone



A simple and user-friendly Home Page. Users can explore the list of stars on the cameo clone, and view their profile. They can also search for a specific celeb on the application.


Users can check out the profile of their favorite celebrities. The profile includes information like no. of followers, people they follow, total no.of videos they have created and shared.



Users can either choose to request for a personalised video message from the stars, or request for an exclusive video call with them. The one-on-one video chatting will create an authentic fan experience.


Users can schedule a time for an exclusive video chat with their favorite stars, on our cameo app clone. They can record the call and share it with their friends and family.

cameo app clone Cameo App Clone - Celebrity Shoutout Software - Cameo Clone Script


Multiple modes of payment like net banking, debit/credit cards, or other payment channels.


Users can purchase the products that are being promoted by the stars. The purchases can be done in-app by tapping on the item and performing checkout.



cameo app clone Cameo App Clone - Celebrity Shoutout Software - Cameo Clone Script


Celebs can earn from making the shoutout video for their fans within the specific timeline. They will have the option to accept or reject the request.


A video chat with their fans also brings in the money for the stars on the cameo app clone. After the user makes a video-chat request, celebs can choose a time slot, as per their convenience. 



Stars can tag and promote products in their videos, which will help them earn a commission. They can collaborate with brands and market the products.


Our app wallet ensures the safety of the money earned by the stars. They can easily withdraw money or initiate any transactions within the cameo app clone.





Celebs can promote products and endorse different brands in their videos.




Users can tap/click on the videos to view all the tagged products in the cameo clone.


Users can view details of the products: the material type, sizes, colors & simply add to the cart for purchase.



Once they add products to the cart, they can confirm their address for delivery.


Users can choose any payment method before checking out from the cart, in the cameo app.

cameo app clone Cameo App Clone - Celebrity Shoutout Software - Cameo Clone Script


Once all the processes are done, users can simply confirm the order.


cameo app clone Cameo App Clone - Celebrity Shoutout Software - Cameo Clone Script


All our products can be scaled vertically and horizontally. All the backend components can be dockerized and clustered. Our products are built to support 100’s of thousands of users. A good solid server infrastructure as shown below is a good example of a configuration built for scale.

cameo app clone Cameo App Clone - Celebrity Shoutout Software - Cameo Clone Script

We are deeply inspired by the popular apps we create CLONE PRODUCTS off but we by no means acquire any source code from any of these awesome companies and products.

We have taken strong and definitive steps to ensure we don’t step any legal boundaries with any other popular product. We use the word CLONE mostly as a marketing trick and we in NO WAY reverse engineer any app to make our products. All our products have been built ground up in the company.

We have also taken steps to ensure we add unique flavors into the product to guarantee they stand out in the market-place. We have also ensured we put in unique UI elements so that it does not look exactly the same as any other popular product.

Most secure app infrastructure in the market where security extends from the mobile app to the API’s.

  1. Use of keychain on iOS and Android to store all credentials.
  2. All API’s are secured with a wildcard SSL certificate.
  3. Use of JWT and JWE for securing all API’s.
  4. Load Balancer supported for horizontal scaling.
  5. All customer data on the server is encrypted using 128 bit AES encryption.
  6. Tele call between patient and healthcare professional is via secure WebRTC which is running on a secure WebRTC gateway which in-turn is running on a on-premise ( self hosted or cloud hosted ) server infrastructure.
  7. Rate limit API and controller access to minimize the harm from automated attack tooling.
  8. App secured from any DB injection.
  9. App protected from clickjacking protection, XSS, MIME-Sniffing, HSTS, HPKP or set the CORS settings.
  10. Security headers are enabled.
  11. Scripts are not deployed with default credentials, particularly for admin users.
  12. Uses a server-side, secure, built-in session manager that generates a new random session ID with high entropy after login. Session IDs should not be in the URL. Ids should also be securely stored and invalidated after logout, idle, and absolute timeouts.
  13. JWT tokens are invalidated on the server after logout.

At the time of writing this page we have no RESELLERS of our products. We also don’t allow any of our customers to re-sell the product once they acquire it from us. We do share the source code of the product with our customers but we provide them with a perpetual license which is bound by a contract that we sign when we are issued a purchase order. There is no license key in our software products but the legal contract that we sign prohibits our customers from re-selling our source code to any one else.

We built with a mission to accelerate your journey to become an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur’s dream is to be acquired for multi million dollars and therefore we in no way prohibit you from selling your company to anybody else. The perpetual license will be transferred to the company that acquires your company and the same rules from point (4) will apply to that company as well.


We sign NDA with our clients to ensure we don’t disclose their idea to anybody else. We usually have a product road map and all our products have a rate card that details what features we have on them and what are coming out soon. Anything outside that list can be protected with an NDA that we readily agree to sign. Therefore, your idea is perfectly safe with us.

We provide free patches for bugs on our core products for a year after purchase. These patches are supplied via GIT pushes to your source code repository. We however don’t do the actual code merge etc for you as that would cost us man hours.

We have paid support plans available. We know our apps best so for most of our customers it makes a lot of sense to hire our team for support. We have different support packages available depending on the SLA required ( Service Level Agreements).

Logically thinking if you do buy our app and you want to customize it, there is no better team than ours to do it for you since we have developed all the underlying base code.

We have the biggest range of pre-built business applications in the market that cover several business models. We built all these products with the sole aim of reducing time to market and cost to market for our customers.

On average it costs over $100,000 to build most of these products that we have, so using them as a base to build your customized business idea will definitely bring your costs and time down significantly.

Most custom software development companies pitch you a full project plan to develop a product from scratch, a process that might take months and cost you pot loads of money, where-as we pull something out from our repotriotire, customize it and voila we have you a product in let’s say 60 days 🙂

In case you do have an idea that is not similar to any of our pre-built products we can surely develop something totally custom, from scratch for you. We will try to re-use some of the micro-services and reusable software components to do some rapid application development.

We have done this successfully for large corporations who have raised multi million dollars in venture capital funds. Our team comes with a strong technical expertise in a broad range of technologies that cover:

  1. API Development – GoLang, Node.JS, Python, Elixir (Erlang)
  2. App Development – iOS ( Swift, Objective C) , Android (Java, Kotlin), Flutter, React Native
  3. Web Application Development – React.JS, AngularJS 9.0, Next.JS, Vue.JS
  4. Data Science & Analytics – Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Hadoop
  5. Blockchain- Hyperledger
  6. Desktop Application – Electron JS

The major costs involved for running applications of such nature are as follows:

  1. Server costs for hosting the API’s and Database – A decent configuration on AWS / Azure / Google / Digitalocean will cost you anywhere between $150-$200/month.
  2. Content Delivery Network – Apps such as these require the content to be delivered seamlessly with low latency and low bandwidth consumption. We use a CDN to ensure we are doing image / video transformations to maintain content quality at different network speeds and different devices.
  3. Text messages for verification codes – We generally use Twilio for sending text messages. The price for this depends on the country and can be tracked here @
  4. Transactional emails – We generally use services like Sendgrid, Mailgun or Amazon SES for sending transactional emails. All these services usually have a free tier that should hold good for new apps.
  5. SSL – We secure all our apps via a Wildcard SSL certificate that secures all sub domains for a particular domain name. This is important for security. A pretty affordable place to get one will be here @
  6. Cloudflare – We use Cloudflare as a firewall and also often to manage the domain. It has a free tier and that usually is good enough. If under attack like maybe a DDOS attack , Cloudflare can prove to be a pretty solid first layer of defence.
  7. Google Map API – We use google map api’s for tagging locations with a post and also for sharing locations inside the chat. A google map API key with billing enabled is required to use this service.
  8. Apple Developer Account – An apple developer account is required to host the app under your name. An account costs $99/year. Individual accounts are pretty easy to create but if you need the app to show under your company name then you will need to apply for a company account and that requires a DUNS number that you will need to first acquire to get listed as a developer with apple. Follow steps here @
  9. Google Play Developer Account – A google play developer account is required to host an app under your name / your company’s name on the Android play store. This costs $25 one time. You can get a google play developer account here @
  10. Domain Name – A domain name is required to host the API’s / website etc. A domain name can be bought from sources like GoDaddy etc. Price of a domain name really depends on its availability etc.
Legal Information



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