Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


ServiceX combines the best features from top on-demand multi- service booking apps into one solution. Whether you want to start an on-demand laundry/taxi/cleaning booking service or even a GoJek-like platform – ServiceX is flexible enough to handle every & all on-demand service provider

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

What is a Gojek Clone?

A Gojek clone is an app that provides services like that of the multi-service app, Gojek. Clone apps can be considered a replica of the original app that have function similar to the original app. They also have certain advanced features that are missing in the original app. Clone apps are completely legal in the market unless you infringe on other IPs.

What is a Gojek Clone Script?

It is the complete source code of the app functionality that tries to emulate the original Gojek app. The initial stage in the development of a Gojek clone is to prepare a Gojek clone script. Gojek clone script is a plot of how the app must function. Visualizing ideas and jotting them down takes place during the development of a Gojek clone script.

ServiceX | Book a Ride Flow

Along with booking services, ServiceX ride-booking module that allows customers to seamlessly book a ride from the app following these simple steps:

  • Select Vehicle
  • Add Pickup & Drop Location
  • Select Payment Method
  • Driver & Vehicle Details (Live Map)
  • Receipt

ServiceX | Courier Delivery Flow

Users can now book courier delivery using the courier flow in ServiceX. Following these simple steps:

  • Select Vehicle
  • Add Package Details
  • Add Pickup and Drop Locations
  • Confirm Recipient
  • Live Tracking
  • Invoice

ServiceX | Book Services Flow

Users can choose and book services from the list of available services. They can book Plumber, Carpenter, Maid Services, Electrician etc. You can book services in the following ways:

  • Marketplace Booking

    You can allow users to select the service provider based on their ratings, availability and pricing.

  • OnDemand

    The service provider is randomly allotted to you.

  • Select the service
  • Select Service Provider
  • Add Job Location, Payment Method & Scheduling
  • Service Provider Details/strong>
  • Realtime Job Status Updatesg
  • Invoice

Book a Valet

Valet booking allows your customers to book a trusted valet to drive them home safely.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking
Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Book Rides for Kids

You can book rides for kids, you can choose the driver based on their availability and ratings (Marketplace Booking) for multiple shifts



We’ve made our registration process easy, so users can quickly start using your customised Gojek clone application. Users have the option of social signups/login.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Registration & Login

Users can fill up a simple sign up form and register themselves on the app. Users can additionally login via their social media accounts as well

Live Map View of Uber for X Services

Based on the auto-detected location or a manually entered one, users can view a live map view of all available services professionals near them

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

On-Demand Vs Marketplace Bookings

If an immediate service is required, users will be assigned the closest provider that matches their service requirements without seeing the provider’s profile. Once a provider accepts the booking, the associated profile details are shown.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

On-Demand Rate Cards & Services

Services listed on the Gojek clone app have individual rate cards, based on each service. Users can hire professionals by the hour and simultaneously select the exact nature of service required under each category.

On-Demand Scheduling

Users can quickly schedule the date and time of their required service needed.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking
Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Scheduled-based Professional Finder

Once the date & time is fixed, the Gojek clone will start searching for service providers available for the given time slot.

Marketplace Professional-based Services

Users can also opt to view a list of available service providers & their ratings available on demand or available at a later date.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking
Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Service Professional Profile

Users can view a detailed profile of each service professional. Each professional profile includes, descriptions, previous job photos, ratings and reviews. In order to improve the trust factor on your custom Gojek clone, professional profiles can also include licenses, registration and other validity-based documents for reference.

Scheduling Professional Service

Once a professional has been finalised, users can schedule him/her immediately, at a fixed date or even on a weekly repeat basis.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking
Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Payment Method & Coupon Codes

View the payment breakdown for the requested Uber for X service. Users can choose their preferred payment option ranging from cash, card and in-app wallets. Users can additionally enter any promotional or referral codes they have availed.

View Bookings & In-app Notifications

Once the service has been assigned to a professional, users can view their assigned service provider and service details on your customised Uber for X app. In-app notifications are also sent out accordingly.

gojek clone

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Live Tracking & Chats

Our Gojek clone App is integrated with an in-app tracking module that allows users to track the status of their ride or services requested. Users can additionally live map track their booked Uber for X service professional or driver, as well as send in-app messages.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Live Status Updates & Job Timer

View the status of your Uber for X professional booked or ride service requested. In-app notifications are provided for real-time job or ride status updates.

Live Map Tracking

Our Uber for X Platform lets users track their any of their booking in real-time via the app.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking
Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

In-App Chats

We’ve integrated an in-app chat platform in our Gojek clone. Users can now chat with their on demand service providers or drivers and inform them of specific details of the job or ride service booked.

Profile Sidebar

Users can update their addresses, payment types, refer friends from their profile sidebar.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Invoice & Rating

Post job completion, users can view a detailed bill regarding the service undertaken and rate their service providers accordingly.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


View details regarding the Uber for X service booked or ride service provided and details of the amount collected.


Provide ratings for your on demand service providers or drivers.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

( NEW )Taxi & Cargo Delivery Services Integrated

ServiceX has been integrated with ride and courier services software features as well. Users can additionally book rides for themselves or for their friends. Registered drivers performing the pickup & drop service can be tracked through the application or via a unique tracking link that can be shared.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Switch To Ride Services

With just a simple tap of the button, users can switch between booking services to selecting their preferred ride service. Users can view a live map view of available drivers near them in real-time or schedule a date and time for the preferred ride service.

Add Address & Passenger Details

Update pickup and drop locations. Users can book a ride for themselves or specify a passenger who will be availing the ride. Users can update their ‘dependent’ details separately within the app.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking
Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Add Ride Preferences & Payment Details

Specially integrated into our GoJek clone, users can select a variety of driver and ride preferences to improve their comfort levels during the trip. Once decided users can then select their preferred payment methods such as cash, credit/debit card and in-app wallet.

Live Ride Tracking

Once accepted users can track their driver in real time. Users can additionally call or chat with their assigned drivers when moving to the pick-up point.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking
Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Shareable Tracking Link

Users can share their trip’s live tracking link with friend or family. Participants receiving this link can track the status and journey of the booked ride in real time.

Invoice & Reviews

Users can view an invoice of their undergone trip as well as rate their assigned drivers on a number of factors provided on the service booking application.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Our Gojek clone includes a detailed web dispatcher for the admin or a representative to manage. Manual bookings, job status, Bird’s view etc can all be accessed via the dispatcher.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Bird’s View

View an overall look of all the ongoing jobs, available & unavailable service providers, battery percentage etc.

Manual Bookings

Manually assign bookings to providers. Enter details such as service type, on demand or scheduled service, payment methods etc.

Individual Job View

View the status of each individual booking & their respective job status.


Book a Ride Like in Uber, Lyft.

Book Uber For Kids like In Zum, Kango

Book Valet Services Like in Oobeo, Vault, Luxe

Book a Courier Like on Lalamove, Porter, Gojek

Book Services Like on Gojek, Airtasker, Thumbtack


Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Manage various on-demand service providers and drivers registering themselves on your custom Gojek clone app.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Setup and manage fares for on-demand services based on cities, service type, vehicle type, distance covered.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Setup various promotion codes, promo campaigns and referral campaigns on your custom Gojek clone platform

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


View all service bookings and ride bookings in real time as they are being placed on your custom Gojek clone app or Uber for X website.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Complete financial accounting system to keep track of earnings for various service professionals and drivers registered on the Uber for X platform.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Payroll management system integrated into our Uber for X app script, to manage cash & card earning for service providers and drivers with direct payment to their respective bank accounts.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Manage various Uber for X services as well as ride-booking services present on your customized Gojek clone application.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


View all service bookings & trips in real time on a map across cities or zones.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Create custom zones for your Uber for X booking service app & website, by drawing polylines on a map and set rates accordingly.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Push messages directly to service providers, drivers and customers directly from the Uber for X admin panel.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Keep a tab on the service providers and drivers registered on the application. Maintain high quality standards using ratings and reviews left by customers.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Setup various service booking and ride booking app commision rates based on zone, service type, fares etc on our customisable Uber for X script.


Inspired by the success of Go-Jek in Southeast Asia and other on-demand services booking apps like Handy, Homeyjoy, Urbanclap etc – ServiceX has been built to provide an ‘All-in-One’ services booking app and website solution, backed by a robust & scalable software architecture

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

100% Customizable

Our Uber for X clone app can be customized to build a service booking solution for any kind of on-demand service business model or as a replica GoJek clone app solution.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

PCI Compliant

We assure PCI compliance so you will have not legal issues accepting online payments on our Uber for X app script.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Prebuilt Scripts

Using our proprietary Pre-Built IP solution, we move our ready-made Uber for X platform to your unique on-demand services app, from development to deployment faster than any Uber for X players or developers out there.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Scalable & Clean Design

Using state of the art app container technology, clean coding practices, Rx programming and microservice architecture – GoTasker is designed to be future-ready for all kinds of Uber for Services.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency Support

You can now start your unique services booking app or GoJek clone app etc in German, Arabic, Chinese or any language of your choice. We ensure ServiceX can be deployed in any language or region preference.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Referral & Promotions

Increase your unique GoJek clone app user base & overall retention via referrals and promotions features.


Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

One for All

ServiceX has been designed to include every on-demand niche within its platform. From food delivery, healthcare, babysitting, tutoring to even taxi-hailing, ServiceX can cater to any on-demand business niche you can think off.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Super-Fast Deployment

Due to the pre-built nature of our Gojek clone source code, you can kickstart your preferred on-demand business(es) via ServiceX, much faster than hiring an in-house/outsourced development team to build your app, website & backend software, from the ground up. Leave the technology to us. You focus on your business.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Built for Scale

Keeping in mind your custom Gojek clone application could potentially have millions of users requesting on-demand services from a variety of service niches, from various cities, at the same time – ServiceX was built with a robust & scalable technology architecture that can seamlessly handle all those requests, without a single hitch.

Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking

Taxi & Cargo-Delivery Services Integrated

Inspired by startups looking to create the next big GoJek-like / Dunzo-like / Gett-like clone app, we’ve integrated ServiceX with an on demand taxi and courier delivery/cargo delivery service module. Users can now additionally book delivery services via the application itself


Gojek Clone gojek-clone-script-services-booking


Inspired by the success of Go-Jek in Southeast Asia and other on-demand services booking apps like Handy, Homeyjoy, Urbanclap etc – ServiceX has been built to provide an ‘All-in-One’ services booking app and website solution, backed by a robust & scalable software architecture

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