Purks – Loyalty Program App For Mobile/ QR Code App / Stamp Me Clone / Key Ring Clone

What is a Loyalty Program App for Mobiles?

Loyalty programs on mobile apps help companies stay consistently engaged with their customers. It aids boost brand loyalty. They help to increase customer retention. Customers love effortless and personalized experiences – and mobile apps can help you achieve exactly that

How does Purks help your business to grow customers?

Purks! Our state of the art app for Mobile Loyalty Programs brings the latest mobile technology into the hands of your customers. You customers can geo-locate your business and get access to the best Deals on the best Deals App. Each visit will result in 1 loyalty point and after they achieve certain number of loyalty points they will unlock cool rewards. Points are captured by scanning QR Code’s which are unique for each merchant and are created by the admin panel. Get your company logo and color theme into the app. We will also take care of all hosting and host the app on our state of the art cloud servers.

Locate merchants/stores around you that are participating in the rewards program om the Key Ring Clone

Get all merchant details and review the rewards available and also view your punch count at the store on the Mobile Loyalty Program App

Scan a QR code using the in-built QR code scanner to register punch(s) on the Stamp Me Clone.

Search for merchants/stores under different categories on the mobile loyalty program app.

Unlock rewards after getting the necessary punches to unlock the reward

View all unlocked rewards along with all the rewards that have been claimed already