Multi-Store eCommerce Software Software

Shoppd, our ultimate multi store eCommerce software for entrepreneurs looking to get into the on-demand e-commerce business niche. Start your own Amazon Clone/Flipkart Clone, get on board today!

Mobile UI of Multi-Store eCommerce Software

Build Your Own Amazon Clone App

This multi store eCommerce software solution has features that are inspired by Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba and other super successful eCommerce applications.


Allows users to directly search for the product they are looking for.

Home Page

View latest deals, top selling products and suggested products, all on the home page.

Product Details

This Flipkart clone app solution will showcase the complete product description after you click on the product you are interested in.

Product Specifications

You can add product specifications, such as, quantity, color, capacity, sizes etc.


Choose from various categories such as Brand, Usage, Most Popular categories.


This Amazon clone script allows you to further add price, color, quantity filters.

View Deal

This eCommerce script allows you to find the best daily deals on your favourite categories

Sort Your Query

Sort your query based on Relevance, Popularity, Prices low to high, and vice-versa.

Related Products

Users can view related products that users viewed while viewing the selected product.

Reviews and Ratings

View the reviews and ratings of the product you are interested in.

Checkout Cart

The checkout contains all the products chosen by you, with the details and specifications mentioned so the customers can review the order before they make a payment.


Our Amazon clone script allows users to make payments using a wallet, Cash, Card or Net Banking.

Add Money to Wallet

Users can add money to the wallet and use the money to pay for the purchases

Track Order

After placing an order, users can track their orders.


Order History

Users can view all the past orders and the current orders on our Amazon clone script.

QR Scan

Allows the user to find a product in the database by just scanning the barcode of the product.

Best eCommerce Store Software-Website

eCommerce website, inspired by Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba and other successful eCommerce business model.

best ecommerce cms
  • Homepage Website View

    Detailed homepage on website for customers to browse through the products they wish to purchase on our Amazon clone script.

  • Browse Categories on Website:

    Users can browse through the categories on the website view of Flipkart clone software solution.

  • View Orders on Website

    View your current cart items, past orders and orders in transit in the website view of Shoppd, our Alibaba clone script.

  • View Cart Details

    View the items in your cart and total price along with the price breakdown for each product.

  • Payment on Website

    Customers can select the mode of payment is most suitable for them and make the payments.


The Shopr ecommerce cms & admin panel has been designed keeping the best ecommerce cms, top ecommerce inventory management softwares, ecommerce financial accounting softwares, ecommerce dispatcher softwares & more in mind

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  • Add Products from Admin Panel

    Create | Update | Modify | Delete products from the central or store inventory from the admin panel of our Amazon clone script- Shoppd.

  • Add Store

    Add Distributor | Wholesaler | Manufacturer etc. and manage the stores from the admin panel.

  • Manage Customers

    Manage guest users, registered users on the customer app and website.

  • Manage Product Attributes

    Provide additional information to the products. You can also create attribute groups from admin.

  • Order Management

    View and keep a track the statuses of the orders. You can view past, assigned orders, unassigned orders, completed orders.

Best Dashboard Features of eCommerce Store Software


You can manage add-ons to your product on the amazon clone app solution.


Manage Banner, FAQs, Terms & Conditions, Contact Details, About US etc. on our App like Alibaba.


Admin of Shoppd, our eCommerce store software can add, delete or modify the offers on the products.


Keep a track of all the carts, view the cart status from the admin side of the Amazon clone script.


Keep a track of retail inventory and the wholesale inventory on our Flipkart Clone Script/ Amazon Clone.


Add, Manage or Delete City and Zones from the admin panel of Shoppd.


Complete financial accounting system to keep track of all transactions made on the app.


Our ecommerce clone script has been integrated with a unique marketing module that is equipped with promo, referrals & marketing plan, features.


Define and manage multiple taxes that could be levied on the products in each city.


Shoppd can support more than one payment gateway on the same platform allowing the user to choose from the multiple options available.