Grubhub Clone / Eat24 Clone / Food Panda Clone to manage pickup and delivery orders for one or more than 1 restaurant.

MENUze – Mobile food ordering software for restaurant’s and takeaway’s / Grubhub Clone / Seamless Clone / Delivery Hero Clone / Eat24 Clone / Justeat Clone / Clone / Foodpanda clone / Zomato Clone / Chownow Clone

MENUze ! our for food ordering app for iOS and Android is one of the most technically advanced food ordering app in the world.The Grubhub Source Code / Seamless Source Code / Delivery Hero Source Code / Eat24 Source Code / Justeat Source Code / Source Code / Foodpanda Source Code / Zomato Source Code / Chownow Source Code uses state of the art technologies like NodeJS , MongoDB , Pubnub which assure web-scale!

We assure PCI compliance so you will have not legal issues accepting online payments on the Grubhub Clone / Seamless Clone / Delivery Hero Clone / Eat24 Clone / Justeat Clone / Clone / Foodpanda clone / Zomato Clone / Chownow Clone. The app comes with multi-language support so if you want your Delivery Hero Clone with German language support or your very own Talabat Clone with Arabic language support , MENUze is your GO-TO solution.

The Mobile Food Ordering App comes with multiple apps , one is the Customer Food Ordering App to browse stores /restaurants and submit orders, Restaurant app to manage orders , optional driver app in case you want to provide a delivery app to the restaurant’s delivery team , web based restaurant dispatch software , a food ordering website like Grubhub , order from facebook module like Chownow


Locate restaurant’s in your neighborhood, filter them by cuisine or find restaurant’s around a specific location.

Base your search for the best restaurant to order from on the star ratings for each restaurant.

Know more about a restaurant before you start ordering.

Explore restaurant menu’s, add items to your favorites list for quick ordering.

Lure your customers with beautiful food picture before they add the dishes to the cart.

View and edit items directly from the cart, place a delivery or pickup order.

Put a delivery address to get an estimated delivery fee, select a payment method, and place an order for now or later.

Integrated with PCI compliant Credit card processing so pay with your credit card on file.

Track your current and past orders and you can place multiple orders at the same time.

View the order details and get notified whenever the status of your order changes.

Get the invoice and rate and review your restaurant. Your card will be automatically charged on order completion.


View all the new, preparing, and ready orders  in one place. Drag and drop the orders to change the status.

View order and customer details for each order on the system.

Add delay time, specify the delay reason, and update the customer about it.

View all the completed, cancelled or rejected orders in one place. Search by order id or data filters.

Connect a gprs or wifi receipt printer with the Store app on the go.


Get all orders on the system in one place. View order and customer details for each order on the system.

Track any order live with real time updates.

Track your driver fleet with the dispatcher if you have the delivery component added to the system.

Drag and drop an order on a driver to manual dispatch the order to a specific driver, with the delivery component integrated.


User can enter an address in the address bar and locate closest restaurants around that address.

Once the user has entered the address, the user can find restaurants listed around that address.

Explore a restaurant’s menu and add dishes to your cart.

User can place an order by adding: a)Address b)Special Instructions c)Payment method ( card / cash )

Track your order live with real time updates and watch your driver grove his way to you on a map.




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