Trucking Dispatch Companies and Best Dispatcher Features


The American Trucking Associations released a report in 2015, that projects that freight volume will see a rise by approximately 30% by the year 2026. Implying, more scope for companies providing truck dispatch services, to start and establish a truck dispatch business successfully.

As a result of Globalization, truck dispatch service has turned out to be much feasible than before. Introduction of latest technologies like in-app tracking features via satellite tracking systems or GPS technology, online truck dispatch service, online payment methods, load board finder etc.

Gradually, these trucking dispatch companies are employing technologies to ensure better and faster communication channels to enable easy contact amongst truck drivers, dispatchers and customers, multitasking abilities and organizational skills in trucking dispatch companies.

Trucking dispatch companies are responsible for coordinating the transport of freight, irrespective of the pickup and drop locations. Whether the destinations are across town or across the country.

Arkansas Best

Founded in 1923, its headquarter is in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

It is an American freight transportation company  that offers truck dispatch services and logistics solutions as well as supply chain solutions.


PITT OHIO aims at making their customers more valuable, employees more competitive and communities stronger, by providing one of the best truck dispatch services in the market.

Their “just say yes” approach and customer-centric mindset helps them to operate the business committedly.

Southeastern Freight Lines

Founded in 1950,this LTL (Less Than Load) freight-hauling enterprise works in the Southeastern region of US. Their commitment to add value to their services is what makes them different and one of the best truck dispatching service.

Their motto states ‘Providing Quality Without Question


Pick-up an unassigned load and assign it to a free and available driver.

Dispatcher can book loads for a customer via the dispatcher portal

View the GPS location of all the drivers in real time along with their current status (online/offline/inactive/logged out)

Once the load is assigned to a driver, You can track your delivery online.

View all ongoing & completed loads and filter them based on date and booking status


Value Propositions Offered to Drivers

Value Propositions Offered to Brokers

View load details: The driver gets to view a filtered list of available loads to haul. Driver is notified on new load entries placed by the freight broker

Track your loads: The freight broker can track the journey in real time and is updated with the current load status along the way

Provide counter offers: The truck driver can provide a counter offer to the price set for the load

Rate the assigned driver: Notified on successful load delivery with the necessary documentation. Can rate the driver as well.

Find the correct route: The truck driver can route the journey using either google maps or waze. The trip status can be updated by swiping the screen which also notifies the broker as well.

View load listings: The freight broker can view a list of truck loads accepted by truck drivers as well ones that have been newly countered by drivers.

Easy invoice generation: Invoice of the trip containing images, additional notes & receivers signature

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