Uber For Business | Your Business Will Go Places

The only way your taxi app stands different from others is when you have something different to offer to your customers. Karry brings you this new and interesting addition- Uber for business.

Uber For Business: Benefits Of Incorporating

Uber for business has been designed keeping in mind the needs of travel of employees for business purposes. The app owner can provide seamless transportation services to individuals and companies, implying increased source of income

Save Time When Riding for Work.

Separate Business from Personal

Streamline Your Expensing

Auto-Generate Travel Reports

Plan Group travels

Uber For Business UI Flow

Flow for Uber for business has been kept seamless and easy to follow. Customers can easily choose between personal and company profile based on their requirements. 

Select Billing Method

Choose between corporate and personal profile. Corporate billing is allowed as long as the business’s credit line has not exceeded the limit set for it by the app.

Set Zones

Businesses can mark areas in which they allow employees to take rides hence ensuring that employees only travel for work.

Custom Pricing

Based on volume business’s can get custom prices for different vehicle types.


At the end of the trip your employees don’t have to shell out a dime as the ride will be booked against the business’s credit line with the app.

Simple Group Travel Management

Log in to the dashboard to set user permissions, control spending, and handle billing.


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