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VaidG has been designed to satisfy the needs of healthcare professionals and people looking for the service of these professionals. Healthcare startups can personalize their own doctors on-demand app as a standalone app or combine it with their existing healthcare business models.


Record Data

We record all Telemedicine appointments and store them for future reference.

Data Encrypted

End to end encryption of all patient data.

Chat Encrypted

Chat is end to end encrypted.

Diagnosis Questionnaire

Pre appointment survey to gather more info on patient’s symptoms for better diagnosis.

Tele Medicine - Schedule Remote Video Call Appointments

Users have the option to book for a remote consultation with a specialist via the video call facility available on the App for themselves or their dependents. All interactions are encrypted and stored for future reference. Doctor – Patient confidentiality is maintained such that the data can be viewed only by the doctor or patient (and not even by the App).


Clinic Visits - Schedule clinic visits

Clinical appointments can be booked with a specialist after viewing professionals available based on various filters and viewing all information such as location, specializations, reviews, rating, charges, etc. User can fix the appointment for an available time slot and pay through diverse options including insurance.

Home Visits - Request doctors / care givers for home visits

Clients have the option to book for a preferred healthcare service directly from their mobiles. In here the user can key in all necessary details and book for a Doctor to visit them to provide healthcare services in the comfort of their home. Patients can also track the doctor arriving for the scheduled visit.

On Demand Healthcare App Graphical Flow


VaidG our customizable Uber for Doctors App helps you fix an appointment with a Doctor or call a Doctor home or have a tele-appointment with a Doctor.

Uber for doctors

Preferred Mode Of Treatment

Users can book for a preferred mode of treatment: Doctor At Home or Visit A Doctor or Tele-Appointments for Telemedicine. Further option to select a particular professional is provided.

Select A Specialist

Schedule the appointment based on your present ailment and then narrow down to a specialist based on diverse options provided. Even add a note regarding your ailment.

Uber for doctors
Uber for healthcare

Schedule The Appointment

Schedule an appointment either for yourself or for a dependent.

Add Dependents

Add any dependent to your account and fill in all necessary details.

Uber for healthcare


To have an intuitive user experience, advanced filtering features have been included in the on demand healthcare app based on various factors.

mobile healthcare solution

Key In All The Details

Provide all necessary details of ailments from the selection and add notes as well.

Provide Information On Symptoms

Give all necessary information on symptoms also add images.

mobile healthcare solution
on demand healthcare software

Filters To Select A Doctor

Choose a healthcare professional using filtering option on the on-demand healthcare app with respect to your requirements.


A selection of doctors available with reference to your choice is provided to book a consultation.

on demand healthcare software
on demand doctor software

Detailed Profile Of Doctors

Detailed profiles of doctors are provided such as reviews, ratings, certifications, specialization, fees, etc.,

Select A Time Slot

Users are also provided the available time slots to book a consultation with their preferred doctors.

on demand doctor software
on demand doctor software

View Prescription

The patient can view the prescription raised by the doctor after the consultation and invoice being raised.

Favorite Doctor

Users have the option to save their favorite doctors on their profile to easily access when they make an appointment.

on demand doctor software


Our on demand healthcare app is all about providing efficient healthcare services. Users are equipped with communication features & various payment modes.

mobile healthcare solution

Mode Of Payment

Select a mode of payment that has options such as cash, from the wallet or from insurance.

Telemedicine - Chat With Media Attachment

Clients can chat with Doctors and information can be shared through media attachments like pictures, scans, prescriptions can be sent.

mobile healthcare solution
doctors on demand

Video Call With Doctor

Users can have a Telemedicine consultation with their doctors using live video facility in the App. The entire consultation is recorded and stored as per law. This data is encrypted so that it can be viewed only by the doctor or patient.

Live Track Your Doc

Users can track their Doctor while he is in the process of completing the appointment. This facility is useful for both doctor and patient to have information on each stage.

doctors on demand
doctors on demand

History Of All Visits

Check details of past, present and open consultations with your healthcare professional and invoice raised.

Receipt & Rating

View the receipt of total amount paid for the consultation. Rate your experience via feedback on various factors.

doctors on demand



Our customizable Uber for Doctors application makes it easy for users to select their preferred healthcare service at their own pace, location & tim.

Booking Healthcare Has Never Been Easier!

Users can book their preferred healthcare services with Uber-like efficiency via our intuitive Uber for Doctor’s UI.

Few Questions To Get Started

To improve overall user experience, a customizable set of user-related questions are asked. These questions can be customised based on the on-demand healthcare solution required.

Easy Scheduling

Whether its an immediate house call visit, or a scheduled clinic appointment, our healthcare software solution lets users easily schedule their preferred healthcare services.

Confirm Booking Address

In-case of house call doctor visits, users need to specify and confirm their booking address.


In order to maximise user experience, we’ve integrated advanced filtering features to let your users select their ‘Uber Doctors’ based on a variety of factors.

List View

Users are displayed a list view of healthcare professionals with the option to filter the list based on profession. Individual ratings, availability, avg fees are also displayed to the user.

Live Map VIew

Based on the users location, our Uber for Doctors application provides users a live map view of available health care professionals near them.

Filtered View

For users with specific preferences, our on-demand healthcare solution offers an advanced filtering option that allows users to find healthcare providers based on their exact requirements.


Once a doctor is selected users are provided with a detailed profile of the doctor to go through before making a booking.

Available Time Slots

Users are also provided with time slot availability for bookings with their preferred doctors.

Certifications & Reviews

To improve user trust with the service, our on-demand healthcare software solution displays various healthcare-related certifications, ratings and user reviews under each doctor profile.


Our Uber for Doctors application is all about providing an Uber-like efficiency when it comes to booking healthcare services on demand. Users are equipped with features to easily track, communicate and share information pertaining to their booked healthcare service.

Live Tracking & Notifications

VaidG is equipped with an in-app live tracking features for users to live map track their booked healthcare professionals with in-app notifications sent at each status change. This features is especially useful during house call doctor visits.

Telemedicine - Saving Time & Overhead Costs

We’ve integrated live video consultations as part of the available healthcare services. This allows Doctors to remotely connect with users thereby saving time and costs for both customers and healthcare providers.

Telemedicine - Chat With Media Attachment

Users can chat with their preferred doctors even during live video consultations. Information as well as media attachments like pictures, scans, prescriptions can be sent between users and Doctors easily.


Users are urged to review their booked healthcare providers to maintain high quality standards on your custom Uber for Doctors application.



Manage various on-demand healthcare providers registering on your Uber for Doctors App –  Accept or reject as necessary.


View Telemedicine consultation recordings after they are completed which is an important security feature.


Setup and manage promotion codes and referral campaigns on your customized on demand platform.


View all healthcare consultations being placed in real-time.


Complete financial accounting system to keep track of earnings for various healthcare professionals registered on the app.


Payroll management system integrated in our software, to manage cash & card earning of healthcare providers with direct payment to their accounts.


Manage various on demand doctor categories present on your customised application.


View all appointments & consultations in real-time on a map across cities or zones.

Pre Appointment Survey

Create pre-appointment questions for various symptoms


Send push notifications to healthcare professionals and customers directly from the app regarding updates.


Keep a tab on the healthcare providers and maintain high quality standards using ratings and reviews of customers.


Setup the app commission for various healthcare professionals.


iOS - Swift 5

Native Apps with MVVM architecture via Swift 4 & RxSwift. Declarative coding via ReactiveX enables us to describe complex asynchronous workflows at a high level in a few lines.

Android - Java

Native Apps with MVP clean architecture & RxJava. Perfect for asynchronous data streams. Learn more about the benefits of Rx programming in app development here

API - Node.JS

API’s are written in pure Node.JS, following the best clean coding & MVC clean architecture guidelines. We additionally use Node.js for our app performance monitoring services as well.


Using Docker for our app containers, you can build, ship & run the app, anywhere. Our app containers are based on shared operating systems and microservice architecture. This makes it much more efficient in terms of system resource utilization and additionally, utilizes the server-worker model for super scale and performance.

Real-Time Functionality

Provided via open source message brokers. Ensuring every function call runs immediately and seamlessly in the app. Perfect for any kind of on-demand service provider.


On premise setup of WebRTC gateway with recording features enabled. All calls are routed through secure servers and the data is stored securely.


Distributed database with high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution that is built in and easy to use. This ensures the application can handle large user volumes during userbase growth.

Angular JS 6.0

AngularJS is an open-source, JavaScript-based, front-end web development framework that aids in developing single-page applications. After the release, AngularJS has been incorporated by some of the biggest brands for their web app development.


Most secure app infrastructure in the market where security extends from the mobile app to the API’s. Use of keychain in the iOS to store all credentials, SSL powered API’s, use of JWT for the API’s, reverse proxy setup on the load balancer, proguard on Android etc.


Using our proprietary Node.js Application Performance Monitoring(APM) service, you can can easily monitor your app as well as detect and react to potential issues beforehand. By monitoring the app on a service/host/instance level - Our APM services ensure that your app is always on the top of its game.


We’ve integrated our APM features with a Slack bot. You and your team can receive immediate updates on the status of the application, at any given time. You can additionally request the Slack bot to give you app performance updates.

Best DevOp Practices

We ensure that the app is completely functional at the end of the day with each milestone depvered to you as quickly as possible and clear communication between you and our team. We implement Jira for project management, Bitbucket for version control, Slack for monitoring and communication, Skype for conferences and quick chats, Scrum board/Sprints for task management and Crashyltics/ for bug reporting etc.

DB - Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine. It allows you to store, search, and analyze big volumes of data quickly and in near real time. It is generally used as the underlying engine/technology that powers applications that have complex search features and requirements.


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India No. @ +91-9902019342
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Customized Theme designed by our in-house design team. This will include a reskin of the colors of the app, a new logo and splash screen and development fee to integrate this into the final mobile app.
Book for later
Users can schedule pickups and for such a request a particular time is chosen and the order gets dispatched to the closest driver.
Additional Language
In case you wish to support more than 1 language in the app for localization we charge $198 per language.
This will have us install the app on your server and also submit the app to the stores. The price quoted here is for either the google play store submission or the apple app store submission.
Gods View
This can be used to view the entire fleet live on a map, each vehicle can be viewed on a map along with which stage of delivery each vehicle is in .
Promotions and Campaign Management
Users can enter promotion codes in the text field provided to earn discounts. Promotions can be created in the backend interface and can be distributed by PUSH NOTIFICATIONS (targeted marketing) or by email campaigns.
Book for later with dispatch
Here the booking request is sent to a web dispatch system. The person manning the web dispatch system will find the best possible provider to full-fill the job and will send him the request. Once a provider confirms the booking the booking details are confirmed to the customer
Responsive Website
A mobile website which flows just like the mobile app to accept bookings on non iOS/Android platforms like windows mobile , blackberry ,etc .
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Responsive Website
A great add on for companies which need the surge feature like on Uber or need zonal pricing developed which allows the app to have differential pricing for different times of the day to factor in busy hours or even offer better deals on off-peak hours.
Surge Pricing
A great add on for companies which need the surge feature like on Uber or need zonal pricing developed which allows the app to have differential pricing for different times of the day to factor in busy hours or even offer better deals on off-peak hours.
Surcharges for fixed locations
Allows you to add fixed surcharges for some drop / pick locations like airports or can also be configured to offer fixed price for drops to certain fixed locations.
Driver Wallet
Driver can buy pre-paid currency from the company and company cuts commissions directly from this wallet, this is perfect for countries where they do CASH based bookings and find it hard to collect money from drivers.
Customer Wallet
A virtual wallet on the lines of OLA wallet that customers can recharge and this wallet can be used to pay for trips made on the app.
In App Navigation
Integrate voice driven in-app navigation
Book for later without dispatch
Users can browse provider profiles and chose an available appointment slot and book that.
Custom keyboard
Integrate a language specific keyboard into the app natively.
Group Chat
Group chat to allow multiple users to chat inside a single chat window.
Audio Call
Add audio calling into your app so users can call other users of the app directly from their mobile app.
Video Call
Add video calling into your app so users can call other users of the app directly from their mobile app.
Add stickers
Add support for stickers to make your chat more engaging and fun for the user.
Add doodle board
Add support for drawing inside the app and share your doodles with other users of the app.
Secret Chat
Add support for disappearing messages inside the chat window like on telegram.
Add chat SDKs inside the chat to generate revenue by publishing advertisements.
Grid View
Users can browse profiles either in the Tinder-esque card view or the Grindr like grid view. Swipe left and right on the card to unlike and like
Passport Feature
Tinder like passport feature which lets the user change his location to discover potential matches in other areas and cities breaking through geographic boundaries and date without bounds!
Rewind Feature
Tinder like rewind feature by which you can pull back the last profile that you un-liked by mistake.
Super Like Feature
Super Like feature like on Tinder by which you can make yourself visible on the Super like list on the profile you like a lot. So even if the other person missed your profile in the thousands and millions of profiles out there, the user can surely spot you on their SUPER LIKE list , increasing your chances of a match multi-fold. While swiping through profiles you can spot if a user has SUPER LIKED you and then decide if you wish to LIKE them back or not.
Image exchange inside chat
In case you want to extend the function of providing image exchanges between users inside the chat window this would be a great add on to have.
Snapchat like image exchange
Snapchat like ephemeral messaging with disappearing images inside the chat window.
Video Profile
Users can record a video for their profile which can be viewed by other users when they browse through profiles.
Recent Visitors
This add on feature lets you see who are the recent visitors on your profile, this again increases the possibility of finding a match multi-fold because someone who has seen your profile by clicking on it possibly is interested in you.
Image editor
Images can be edited using the aviary sdk to improve image quality and make the whole image itself more engaging
Create your own narrative with a compilation of snaps stitched together.
Video Exchange
This feature enables you to take videos and exchange it with your contacts. Combine this with the stories feature to make an impact.
Social network
a)Add facebook connect and follow facebook friends already on the app and add facebook friend who are not. b) Follow / Following concept with public (sent to all followers) and private (shared with specific followers) share of images.
Audio Filters
You can create your own Audio Vine or Audio Instagram with our library of custom Audio Filters , you can chose from Fast , Slow , Echo , Chipmunk , Helium , Robot , Ring , High Pitch and Low Pitch Filters.
Direct Chat
This feature enables users to talk to each other just like on Instagram , a very useful add on if you take the business monetization add on which will allow users to chat with business’s
Business Monetization
Upgrade to business profile to allow users to create business profiles and start selling on the Instagram Clone. Add products along with purchase URL’s and all your followers will get updates on their news feed
Website equivalent of Instagram built fully on Angular 2.0
Marketing Website
Market the app to your customers and drivers and get them to download the app and discover features through this website add on.
Marketing Website
Market the app to your customers and drivers and get them to download the app and discover deatures through this website add on.
Live chat integration
Integrate the live chat software from Livechat for providing your customers with live support
Real time chat with providers
Integrated real time chat engine to enable customers to chat with providers
Restaurant App
Restaurant App to receive real time orders on tablets and phone , integrated with wireless printers for printing kitchen receipts
GPRS printer integration
Integrate a GPRS printer to print order receipts on a wireless printer using your regular data plan from your service provider
An SMS will be sent to the recipient with a link to live track the delivery on the browser
Buy the combined audio and video call pack to save $396. This will allow your app to make both audio and video calls.
Restaurant Web Order Management
Web based dispatch system build on Angular 2.0 to manage orders in real time and if the driver fleet integration module is integrated it can also be used to view which driver is completing the delivery order.
Delivery Order Management Integration
Enable the system to accept delivery orders, delivery app for drivers and allow the restaurant to submit delivery orders on the app
Deals Management
Create deals on the system for each restaurant so users earn discounts while submitting orders.
Gods View
Added module to view and manage driver fleet on the map.
Deals Management
Create deals on the system for each restaurant so users earn discounts while submitting orders.
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Giphy Exchange
Exchange Gif’s inside the chat powered by
Integrated with foursquare API to find stores around you , so now you can order from any store that may not be listed with you as well. User will have to manually enter the items he needs with the quantity , the driver on reaching the store will add the amount and this is sent to the customer for approval and once approved the delivery can be completed by the driver.
Add audio calling into your app so users can call other users of the app directly from their mobile app.
Add video calling into your app so users can call other users of the app directly from their mobile app.
Buy the combined audio and video call pack to save $396. This will allow your app to make both audio and video calls.
Add support for stickers to make your chat more engaging and fun for the user.
Exchange Gif’s inside the chat powered by
Add support for drawing inside the app and share your doodles with other users of the app.
An important meeting and you forgot your bag at home ? Damn ! The courier add on to iDeliver now enables the iDeliver courier to pick your bag and drop it off at your office just like how they can pick and drop food. This add on improves your fleet utilization in a big way , improving your ROI in this immensely competitive area of business!
We will get back shortly after reviewing your application.
We will get back shortly after reviewing your application.
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