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Uber for Taxi / Uber for Food Delivery / Uber for Courier / Uber for Tow Truck / Uber for Doctors / Uber for Services / Uber for Laundry / Uber for Mechanics / Uber for Maids / Uber for Marijuana / Uber for Baby Sitters / Uber for Massage / Uber for Beauty Services

Uber for Taxi

Uber possibly the biggest startup in the world today valued at over $60 billion has spawned an all new “on-demand” economy influencing startups globally like Ola in India, Didi Chuxing in China, Lyft, Grabtaxi, Careem in the middle east all of who are billion $ startup’s in their own right. The on-demand economy is still growing and if you want a part in this growth story and have an Uber for X idea, our Uber Clone, Roadyo! is the perfect solution. Our Uber Clone Script has already helped startups like Rapido, Baxi Taxi, Mober raised million dollar funds from investors, and is a proven on-demand taxi booking software which you can build your business on. There is an uber for everything, you have to find the best suitable for your business.

Uber for Food Delivery

The on-demand food delivery market has seen tremendous amount of growth in recent times. Startups around the world like Postmates, Caviar, Swiggy, Ele.com, Delivery Hero, Deliveroo have all scaled gobbling 10’s of millions of dollars in investor money. Our Uber for food delivery app, iDeliver! has helped startups like ASAP delivery get to shark tank and W99L launch in the middle east. The Uber for X apps are highly customizable solution powered by awesome real time technology that can help kick-start your Uber for food delivery idea at a very reasonable price. The Uber for Everything concept applied to Food delivery industry is not new, there are many startups already working on it from past few years. You can get your own, NOW. 

Uber for Courier

Optimization and fleet planning software is not new to the logistics industry. For good reason and because the technology was not available, logistics networks are backwards but with the help of app like Uber for couriers, you can get ahead of your competitors and make some bucks. To achieve this, you need a mobile app on the concept of Uber for X. Mobile consumers want to be in control and want to understand as what is happening to their delivery in real time, and they want better options and flexibility about the arrival of their delivery. Buy our Uber for X source code and get your courier business on the internet. 

Uber for trucks Uber for moving

Uber for Tow Truck

Startups like Urgent.ly, Rapitow and Honk have been disrupting the roadside assistance and towing space in different parts of the world. We at Appscrip have created an Uber for Tow Trucks app that can help your road side assistance business go mobile in your city at a very low price. Our Urgent.ly clone TowMe, based on Uber for X concept, will allow your customers to summon your tow trucks by tapping a screen on their smartphone for tire changes, jump starts, lock outs, gas delivery and towing services. Buy our Uber for tow truck source code if you want to disrupt the road side assistance industry in your city.

Uber for Doctors

There is a huge opportunity in uber for doctor kind of app as doctor appointment exceeds 18 days and 80 percent of people delay or forgo going to the doctor because of work responsibilities and lack of time. Uber for doctor can give several services in different cities and even countries to expand their network. Fortune recently noted that private equity investors and venture invested nearly $2.4 billion into digital health firms globally. You can book doctor at a press and track doctor make his way to your location with our Uber for X app concept.  Get our Zocdoc Clone to start your on-demand doctor business in your area and join the Uber for Everything club.

Uber for Services

Uber has revolutionized the on-demand services industry ,business’s like Housecall , Homejoy, Urban Clap, Heal, Taskrabbit, Bizzby are making a killing in the market today. So, if you are looking to start an Uber for everything, Uber for tutors, Uber for plumbers , Uber for electricians, Uber for babysitters, Uber for doctors, Uber for technicians, Uber for house cleaners,Uber for dog walkers ,Uber for parking,Uber for mechanics,Uber for strippers, Uber for massage service our Uber for X Script, iServe! is your perfect solution. Watch your pro make his way to your location, get informed when he starts the job, when he completes the job and receive an invoice and charge your card on file. Get our Uber for X Source code to start your on-demand services app business in your country.

Uber for Laundry

The traditional Laundromat business is now going out of fashion. Replacing them are the game changing startups like ZIpJet, Washio, Laundra, Rinse who now literally come to your house to pick up your dirty laundry , wash it and then drop it back and all this in better time and cheaper prices than your Laundromat down the street. Laundra! Our Uber for X concept is a perfect solution to get your Laundromat business on mobile to provide your customers with the same tap, book and pay service that these startups offer. Buy our Washio Clone script to start your own on-demand laundry business.

Uber for Mechanics

In the present scenario, the level of competition is quite high, retaining customers could be a headache for any service provider but you can get an upper hand over your rivals with more flexible on-demand services or Uber for Everything app. To achieve this, all you need is a customized mobile app like uber for mechanics. The app will help you in not only increasing the customer base and grow local business, but also provide you opportunity to retain the existing customers at a much cheaper rate. Additionally, uber for mechanics can be refurbished for Uber for Everything as well where you can use a variety of interconnected services for your customers.

Uber for Maids

Uber has laid a subset of startups which are looking forward to capitalize on the success of its mobile on-demand model and bring little innovation to their chosen offline industries. Exec, Cherry, Postmates and YourMechanic are few examples of the fastest growing “Uber for X” category. It was only a matter of time that this particular formula was applied to maid. Uber for maid is an on-demand platform that makes it easy to quickly book a maid. The service app charges a flat hourly rate, which also includes tip and eco-friendly cleaning supplies and is billed directly to the card or you get an option to pay through cash.

Uber for Marijuana

Based on Uber for X, Uber for marijuana enables medical marijuana patients to order cannabis products online and get them delivered to their homes. A Startup, Eaze, has raised a $10 million Series A round funding led by DCM ventures. The new funds come on top of $1.5 million in seed funding which company has raised last year. Weed deliver is nothing new but is probably the least novel segments of the cannabis industry. The app gives user a wide variety of product to choose from and the product can be delivered to the home in less than an hour from any local dispensaries. Get your own Uber for Marijuana or Uber for Everything app to take on other app available in the market.

Uber for Baby Sitters

On-demand economy is on its rising stage and there is no sign of stopping in near future. There has been investment of over $2.2 billion in capital in on-demand companies as the Uber for X has changed the way people live their lives and literally there is Uber for Everything at present. Uber for babysitters provide on-demand service for searching nearby childcare. It is one of the app which connects parents with vetted babysitters on the go. The babysitters could be local students, athletic traning and GCF tutoring help.

Uber for Massage

As the entire world going behind Uber for X, it will not be a surprise for us to see professional services like Massage to go this way. People are ordering groceries, laundry delivery and cleaners from their mobile phones, Soothe, an Uber for Massage startup provides a way for them to book same day appointments with the massage therapists around them. When a massage request arrives, the app works to send the nearest masseuse with the highest rating to the customer. Just like other on-demand services, Uber for massage helps to connect massage therapists with the desired customers that they wouldn’t otherwise have reached.

Uber for Beauty Services

Uber for beauty services, an app which helps customer to order beauty experts on-demand from their mobile phones. The experts provide different services ranging from Haircuts to Face painting at standard price. The target customers of Uber for beauty services are busy professionals who are not necessarily able to schedule time to meet within the regular hours of traditional salons. Others who need last-minute styling or blowout for some event but do not have time to schedule something last minute. Get your own Uber for beauty services to get an edge over your competitors who are into Uber for X business.

Uber for Kids

Uber for Kids

Kid transportation services have been gaining a lot of traction ever since startups like HopSkipDrive, Kango & Zum launched in the San Francisco Bay area. The main perks of these services to parents is that, parents can schedule pickup & drop routines for the children and have a professional, verified & insured driver take their children to their locations. For safety concerns, parents can also actively track their kids rides at any time along with a live dispatcher team monitoring every ride taking place on the application. The Uber for kids concept also helps educational institutes utilize affordable transportation solutions provided by Uber for Kids startups.

Uber for ‘All-In-One’ Transportation

Go-Jek revolutionsed South-East Asia with their app that covered almost every app-based transportation niche. Ranging from taxi services, courier services to even food delivery – The all in one transportation provider app immediately became one of the most widely used apps in the region. We’ve crafted KarryX in a similar fashion to help entrepreneurs launch Go-Jek-like transportation solutions in their target location.

Designated Driver App

Uber for Designated Drivers

Hiring chauffeurs or personal valets used to be an exclusive services 10 years ago, nowadays apps like DriveU, DDVIP, Sobrio are penetrating the mobile chauffeurs segment by providing an Uber-like designated driver solution for events, night-outs, proms etc. By keeping security features as sharing your ride with a friend, verifying all drivers, detailed live-tracking etc & providing a wide variety of scheduling options – Entrepreneurs can launch successful designated driver services in localities with a rising or existing social nightlife businesses.

Freight Broker Software

Uber for Trucks

Inspired by the success of trucking/cargo-hauling on-demand applications like Uber Freight, Doft, GoShare etc We’ve developed our own on-demand truck booking application, Truckr, to help accelerate existing offline cargo-hauling business or kick-start startups trying to get into to Uber for trucking business niche.

Uber for Lawn Care

Uber for Lawn Care

A study by Lawn&Landscape found the highest demanded Landscaping-based service included Landscaping & mowing maintenance, followed with design and construction, irrigation installation, snow-shovelling etc. Plowz&Mowz had provided the perfect on-demand solution in Seattle by letting users book their landscaping/lawn-care/snow-shovelling service professional via an app. Following suite, startups like LawnGuru, Lawnly etc starting minting money off the demand for on-demand lawn care solutions. Mow.it has been developed to help entrepreneurs penetrate into this market with their unique lawn care app.

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Well Documented, Structured & Clean Code

We also follow the best clean coding & code documentation practices using a variety of tools such JSDoc and Doxygen. This ensures are developers work in a structured manner with respect to milestones and deliverables.
Don’t believe us? Ask us for a code review.


By following strong continuous integration, deployment and communication practices – Our DevOps makes it easier for end-developers, designers, testers, project managers and key stakeholders to have clear visibility on the project delivery infrastructure and associated milestones, with help of DevOps management tools such as Jira, BitBucket and Slack.


One of the most secure infrastructures in the market yet. Where security extends from the mobile app to the API’s. Use of keychain in the iOS to store all credentials, SSL powered API’s, use of JWT for the API’s, reverse proxy setup on the load balancer, proguard on Android etc.
We ensure all data is encrypted and stored without the need of storing credentials and our overall architecture is secure with no single point of failure.

Technically Competent

Coding pixel perfect responsive websites, lightning fast mobile applications or enterprise-grade solutions is our forte.
Whether its leveraging Erlang, Python, MongoDB to create a strong backends or creating super fast frontends via Node, Swift, JS, Java, React Native etc or using Machine Learning & Automation to smoothen business workflows – You can trust us to build your business software architecture using the latest technologies that ultimately is robust, clean, interoperable, and scalable.

Innovation with technology

Whether its on-board vehicle diagnostics, telematics, utilizing AR to improve workplace efficiency, integrating blockchain for supply-chain management, IoT-enabled solutions for smart homes and smart cities etc, integration machine learning, chatbots and automation to smoothen business workflows etc – You can trust Appscrip to always be ahead of the curve from your average technology solutions

Cloud-Enabled Software Development

Business all across the globe are leveraging cloud computing to better their technology architecture and overall business scalability. At Appscrip, we want the same for your business and our cloud-based software development ensures that your business can scale by leveraging cloud computing technologies such as AWS, Azure and Google cloud

Scalability & Interoperability

Leveraging microservice architecture, container technology via Docker, Kubernetes for container orchestrations, database replication and sharding, worker process for independent jobs, multicore code deployment – we ensure all our products are not only robust and interoperable with 3rd party softwares, but scalable to handle your business growth as well

Guaranteed Delivery

Nightmares of trusting overseas developers? Tired of Over-promised, Over-consulted and Under-delivered projects from freelancers? We know your fears, and we’ve spent years in the industry perfecting our process & products, so we can proudly say that we can Guarantee Delivery of all projects undertaken. Irrespective of your geo-location or project size (Providing you pay us of course)

Top Quality Code

Structured, well commented & following the best clean-coding practices the industry has to offer.
Whether its implementing RxSwift with MVVM/MVC architectures, Node & RxJava for MVC, utilizing Swagger for our Rest APIs, crafting ‘Pixel Perfect’ UIUX designs or using machine learning & automation to smoothen business workflows – You can trust us to build your business software architecture using the latest technologies that ultimately is robust, clean, interoperable, and scalable.

Highly Customizable

All of our solutions are 100% customisable to your business. We have created modular & scalable components that can easily be tailored to your entrepreneurial idea or business model with almost no additional time to market

Reduced Cost & Time

Need to launch your business within the next quarter? We keep our solutions business-ready at all times. With just few customisations to our customizable products, we deliver some very powerful business apps in an average of 45 days, that otherwise would take almost 6-9 months to develop.

Reduced Cost to Market

We aren’t developing your product from scratch, we instead leverage our existing robust, customisable and scalable products that we innovate with instead. This coupled with affordable pricing options tailored to your exact business requirements, we save costs for both you and us as well. Win-Win.

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Customized Theme designed by our in-house design team. This will include a reskin of the colors of the app, a new logo and splash screen and development fee to integrate this into the final mobile app.
Book for later
Users can schedule pickups and for such a request a particular time is chosen and the order gets dispatched to the closest driver.
Additional Language
In case you wish to support more than 1 language in the app for localization we charge $198 per language.
This will have us install the app on your server and also submit the app to the stores. The price quoted here is for either the google play store submission or the apple app store submission.
Gods View
This can be used to view the entire fleet live on a map, each vehicle can be viewed on a map along with which stage of delivery each vehicle is in .
Promotions and Campaign Management
Users can enter promotion codes in the text field provided to earn discounts. Promotions can be created in the backend interface and can be distributed by PUSH NOTIFICATIONS (targeted marketing) or by email campaigns.
Book for later with dispatch
Here the booking request is sent to a web dispatch system. The person manning the web dispatch system will find the best possible provider to full-fill the job and will send him the request. Once a provider confirms the booking the booking details are confirmed to the customer
Responsive Website
A mobile website which flows just like the mobile app to accept bookings on non iOS/Android platforms like windows mobile , blackberry ,etc .
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    Responsive Website
    A great add on for companies which need the surge feature like on Uber or need zonal pricing developed which allows the app to have differential pricing for different times of the day to factor in busy hours or even offer better deals on off-peak hours.
    Surge Pricing
    A great add on for companies which need the surge feature like on Uber or need zonal pricing developed which allows the app to have differential pricing for different times of the day to factor in busy hours or even offer better deals on off-peak hours.
    Surcharges for fixed locations
    Allows you to add fixed surcharges for some drop / pick locations like airports or can also be configured to offer fixed price for drops to certain fixed locations.
    Driver Wallet
    Driver can buy pre-paid currency from the company and company cuts commissions directly from this wallet, this is perfect for countries where they do CASH based bookings and find it hard to collect money from drivers.
    Customer Wallet
    A virtual wallet on the lines of OLA wallet that customers can recharge and this wallet can be used to pay for trips made on the app.
    In App Navigation
    Integrate voice driven in-app navigation
    Book for later without dispatch
    Users can browse provider profiles and chose an available appointment slot and book that.
    Custom keyboard
    Integrate a language specific keyboard into the app natively.
    Group Chat
    Group chat to allow multiple users to chat inside a single chat window.
    Audio Call
    Add audio calling into your app so users can call other users of the app directly from their mobile app.
    Video Call
    Add video calling into your app so users can call other users of the app directly from their mobile app.
    Add stickers
    Add support for stickers to make your chat more engaging and fun for the user.
    Add doodle board
    Add support for drawing inside the app and share your doodles with other users of the app.
    Secret Chat
    Add support for disappearing messages inside the chat window like on telegram.
    Add chat SDKs inside the chat to generate revenue by publishing advertisements.
    Grid View
    Users can browse profiles either in the Tinder-esque card view or the Grindr like grid view. Swipe left and right on the card to unlike and like
    Passport Feature
    Tinder like passport feature which lets the user change his location to discover potential matches in other areas and cities breaking through geographic boundaries and date without bounds!
    Rewind Feature
    Tinder like rewind feature by which you can pull back the last profile that you un-liked by mistake.
    Super Like Feature
    Super Like feature like on Tinder by which you can make yourself visible on the Super like list on the profile you like a lot. So even if the other person missed your profile in the thousands and millions of profiles out there, the user can surely spot you on their SUPER LIKE list , increasing your chances of a match multi-fold. While swiping through profiles you can spot if a user has SUPER LIKED you and then decide if you wish to LIKE them back or not.
    Image exchange inside chat
    In case you want to extend the function of providing image exchanges between users inside the chat window this would be a great add on to have.
    Snapchat like image exchange
    Snapchat like ephemeral messaging with disappearing images inside the chat window.
    Video Profile
    Users can record a video for their profile which can be viewed by other users when they browse through profiles.
    Recent Visitors
    This add on feature lets you see who are the recent visitors on your profile, this again increases the possibility of finding a match multi-fold because someone who has seen your profile by clicking on it possibly is interested in you.
    Image editor
    Images can be edited using the aviary sdk to improve image quality and make the whole image itself more engaging
    Create your own narrative with a compilation of snaps stitched together.
    Video Exchange
    This feature enables you to take videos and exchange it with your contacts. Combine this with the stories feature to make an impact.
    Social network
    a)Add facebook connect and follow facebook friends already on the app and add facebook friend who are not. b) Follow / Following concept with public (sent to all followers) and private (shared with specific followers) share of images.
    Audio Filters
    You can create your own Audio Vine or Audio Instagram with our library of custom Audio Filters , you can chose from Fast , Slow , Echo , Chipmunk , Helium , Robot , Ring , High Pitch and Low Pitch Filters.
    Direct Chat
    This feature enables users to talk to each other just like on Instagram , a very useful add on if you take the business monetization add on which will allow users to chat with business’s
    Business Monetization
    Upgrade to business profile to allow users to create business profiles and start selling on the Instagram Clone. Add products along with purchase URL’s and all your followers will get updates on their news feed
    Website equivalent of Instagram built fully on Angular 2.0
    Marketing Website
    Market the app to your customers and drivers and get them to download the app and discover features through this website add on.
    Marketing Website
    Market the app to your customers and drivers and get them to download the app and discover deatures through this website add on.
    Live chat integration
    Integrate the live chat software from Livechat for providing your customers with live support
    Real time chat with providers
    Integrated real time chat engine to enable customers to chat with providers
    Restaurant App
    Restaurant App to receive real time orders on tablets and phone , integrated with wireless printers for printing kitchen receipts
    GPRS printer integration
    Integrate a GPRS printer to print order receipts on a wireless printer using your regular data plan from your service provider
    An SMS will be sent to the recipient with a link to live track the delivery on the browser
    Buy the combined audio and video call pack to save $396. This will allow your app to make both audio and video calls.
    Restaurant Web Order Management
    Web based dispatch system build on Angular 2.0 to manage orders in real time and if the driver fleet integration module is integrated it can also be used to view which driver is completing the delivery order.
    Delivery Order Management Integration
    Enable the system to accept delivery orders, delivery app for drivers and allow the restaurant to submit delivery orders on the app
    Deals Management
    Create deals on the system for each restaurant so users earn discounts while submitting orders.
    Gods View
    Added module to view and manage driver fleet on the map.
    Deals Management
    Create deals on the system for each restaurant so users earn discounts while submitting orders.
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      Giphy Exchange
      Exchange Gif’s inside the chat powered by giphy.com
      Integrated with foursquare API to find stores around you , so now you can order from any store that may not be listed with you as well. User will have to manually enter the items he needs with the quantity , the driver on reaching the store will add the amount and this is sent to the customer for approval and once approved the delivery can be completed by the driver.
      Add audio calling into your app so users can call other users of the app directly from their mobile app.
      Add video calling into your app so users can call other users of the app directly from their mobile app.
      Buy the combined audio and video call pack to save $396. This will allow your app to make both audio and video calls.
      Add support for stickers to make your chat more engaging and fun for the user.
      Exchange Gif’s inside the chat powered by giphy.com
      Add support for drawing inside the app and share your doodles with other users of the app.
      An important meeting and you forgot your bag at home ? Damn ! The courier add on to iDeliver now enables the iDeliver courier to pick your bag and drop it off at your office just like how they can pick and drop food. This add on improves your fleet utilization in a big way , improving your ROI in this immensely competitive area of business!
      We will get back shortly after reviewing your application.
      We will get back shortly after reviewing your application.
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