Uber For Home Services Software Solution

Uber for home services

Uber for home services bridges the gap between the real world services and instant online services to provide efficient services to their customers.

The on-demand home services can be handyman on-demand, cleaning service app, chores app, home maintenance services, and on-demand cleaning services.

The Uber for home services has affected almost all kinds of business sectors in the market.Almost every service in the market is on-demand, from tutor to home cleaning services now can be enjoyed with a few clicks on the smartphone.

Uber for home services is the new vertical Uber is targeting, this vertical is all about providing home services to its customers in terms of on-demand cleaners, plumbers, electricians etc.

Growth of on-demand home services in the market for last 5 years

As you can see the above graph showcases the rising demand for on-demand home services in the market for last 5 years. The growth of uber for home services has led many startups and the entrepreneurs to start their online home service businesses in the market.

How Service Genie can be used as best Uber for home service business solution?

Service Genie is an all-rounded customizable on-demand service booking software solution that allows entrepreneurs & businesses to take the big professional service providers in their market & region of choice.

Service Genie is inspired by apps like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Urbanclap, Airtasker which are famous for providing home care professionals to their customers.
It is a 100% customizable software solution, which can be tailored by businesses to provide different home services to their customers.
Service Genie has an amazing job bidding feature which is befinical in terms of gaining profit for both entrepreneurs as well as service professionals listed in the app.


Explore and Book services

Explore various categories of home services available in the area

View of Professional Profile

Get full profile view of the service provider in terms of rating & reviews provider has received from past customers, areas of their expertise, languages providers are familiar etc. before scheduling them for the home services.


Enter the price you are willing to pay to service professionals to complete the job.

Job Bidding Feature for Professionals

Once the app commision has been paid, service professionals can enter their own prices for the selected job. When both professional & customer accept on a price, the job is then assigned to the professional.

Generate Invoice

Service professionals can create invoices via the app. Additional services/equipment provided by the professionals can also be added to the invoice.

Why you need home service dispatcher software?

Bird’s View
Overall view of all the ongoing jobs, available & unavailable service providers, battery percentage, live map view etc.

Manual Bookings
Manually assign bookings to service providers on-demand. Enter details such as service type, on demand or scheduled booking, payment methods etc.

Individual Job View
View the status of each individual booking & their respective job status.


The entire UI of ServiceGenie have been inspired by features from the best service booking apps in the industry. So if you were looking to build a Taskrabbit clone or a customizable Thumbtack clone script or Airtasker clone, Handyman, etc ServiceGenie is not only customizable but robust & scalable as well.

100% Customizable

Our on-demand services marketplace script can be tailored to create a variety of service provider solutions. On-demand laundry, on-demand handyman, on-demand masseuse, on-demand lawn care etc The potential applications of our Thumbtack clone, are limitless.

PCI Compliant

We assure PCI compliance so you will have not legal issues accepting in-app purchases on our on-demand services marketplace / Taskrabbit clone script.

Prebuilt Scripts

Using our proprietary Pre-Built IP solution, we move our customisable service on-demand app & software from development to deployment, faster than any other on-demand services software developers out there.

Scalable & Clean Design

Using state of the art app container technology, clean coding practices, microservice architecture – SERVICE GENIE is designed to be an extremely robust, scalable & adaptable on-demand services app & software solution, available in the market today

Multi-Language Support

Whether you want to launch your unique service-on-demand app in German, Arabic, Chinese etc we ensure our Taskrabbit clone script can be deployed in any language preference.

Referral & Promotions

Increase your dating app user base & overall retention via referrals and promotions features. Our underlying tech architecture ensures our white label software & clone script for Taskrabbit is scalable with the growth of your unique services on-demand app.

SEO Friendly Design

All apps developed using our on-demand services software are designed to ensure that every tailored Thumbtack/BizzBy/Handyman/Airtasker-like app we make, sticks out in both search engines & app stores.

App Monitoring & Chatbots

Our services on-demand software solution is the only one in the market to provide app monitoring services with chatbot integration. Ensuring you can get instantaneous performance updates on your tailored Thumbtack-like or Airtasker-like app script.


Our white label Taskrabbit clone app & software solution is not only robust & scalable, but extremely secure as well. Keychain, SSL-powered API’s, JWT, reverse proxy setup etc ensure that security covers the entire app to each individual API.

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