Total Online Medicine Software Solution For All Medication And Healthcare Needs

Med.Me – Our Online Medicine Software was designed to allow online purchase of medications anytime and anywhere.
Provision to purchase from an entire range of Medical and Healthcare Products. Build a full inventory of medicines,fitness products,nutritional items, personal care and health care from different brands using our online pharmacy delivery software.

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Online Medicine Software Software Solution Graphical Flow

Complete App for Medical and Health Care Needs

Enabling a better customer buying experience. Get a fully-tested Online Medicine Software software mobile app branded for your business. Complete with rich features that suit both you and your customers needs.

online Online Medicine Software

Home Screen

The home screen provides users options to request medicine, schedule a refill, upload prescription, pill-reminders, and to check out the deals of the day.

View Product Details

Detailed description of products are provided such as manufacturer, rating, prescription required or not, cost, discounts applicable, and variants available.

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online grocery shopping software

Schedule Refill

Customers can easily buy medicines ordered at a regular frequency. Once the medicines are registered to a name, with a single click all the medicines can be ordered at one go.

Pill Reminders

Customers are provided with the option to register consumption patterns of a medicine in the App. Then whenever it is due for taking medication a notification will be generated as a reminder.

online grocery shopping software
online grocery shopping software

Select A Product

On selecting a product to purchase, users have the option to check out various variants available. The user can further opt for the number of units to be ordered.

Find A Substitute Medicine

The option to decide on a substitute medicine is available as long as the doctor has mentioned the same or has mentioned the salts.

online grocery shopping software
online grocery shopping software

Upload Prescription

Prescription can be uploaded via the camera or from gallery or a past prescription. The requirements of a valid prescription are displayed.

View Prescription

The prescription uploaded must be a sharp image with the details of doctor/clinic, patient visit details, medicine details, doctor endorsement and seal.

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Our Online Medicine Software is integrated with a real-time order tracking module for both medical app & website. Live-map view tracking is also integrated which is synced with the real-time medicine delivery status UI.

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Confirm Order

After selecting the products to be purchased the customer can go ahead and confirm the order. The delivery and billing addresses can be changed or confirmed.

Schedule Delivery

The user has the liberty to schedule the delivery as ‘Now’ or select a date and time from the options provided. The delivery address can be changed if required.

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Payment & Wallet

After the billing process is done various modes of payment are provided to complete the procedure such as wallet, cards or cash on delivery.

Order Status Tracking

For every Order Number generated, the date, time, invoice value, pick-up point, details of items and delivery address can be viewed.

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online grocery shopping software

Track Order Delivery

The user has been provided the option to track the delivery on a map as the agent arrives to the location. Provision to call the agent is provided.

Completed Order

Every order that has been completed can be viewed along with the order ID, date, time and products that were delivered.

online grocery shopping software
online grocery shopping software

View All Orders

The user has the option to view details of the present order. Option is also provided to view all past orders as well with additional filters.

Deals Of The Day

Deals of the day can be viewed on the home screen. While more options are available after the user clicks the ‘View More’ option on the home screen.

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Online Medicine Software Solution Graphical Flow

Online Medicine Software APP

Our online pharmacy software been designed to provide an all-rounded website & app solution for multi-store medicine purchase. The UI has been crafted to provide a seamless medicine buying experience for users inspired by apps like Netmeds, Practo & more.

Explore Products

Wide variety of products and offers from multiple stores integrated into the medical shop software

Advanced Filtering Options

Detailed filtering options integrated into our on-demand medical shop software app and available on site-wide searches or during store-specific searches.

Advanced Search Option

Search for items, medicines, healthcare products. Powered by Elasticsearch to provide instantaneous results

View Product Details

Detailed description of the medical item, photos & user reviews. Users can further select the number of units or quantity based on the item.

Prescription Medicines

During checkout if the medicine is listed as 'prescription required', a prompt to 'Upload Prescription' is displayed. Select the Upload option from top right corner.

Prescription Upload on the Online Medicine Software

Customers can quickly and easily upload prescription photos.

Scheduling & Payment

Our Online Medicine Software is integrated with a variety of scheduling options including 'Now'. Users can select their preferred payment options.


In-app Medical wallet is also integrated for seamless payments.


Our Online Medicine Software is integrated with a real-time order tracking module for both medical app & website. Live-map view tracking is also integrated which is synced with the real-time medicine delivery status UI.

Active & Past Orders

View all active orders and track them. View a list of previous orders as well.

Real-Time Job Status & Support

View the status of any active booking in real-time. In-app notifications are provided with each status update. Easy support ticket raising, also integrated in our medical shop software app.

Live-Map Tracking

Live map tracking of individual medicine order booking integrated in the online pharmacy software.


Rate your medicine delivery service for each medical store order.


Refill or Re-order medicine in the future quickly and easily.


Provide referral codes to friends and families to avail special referral offers.



Central admin to manage the entire medical store software. From overall store management to each individual user.


Store-specific inventory & SKU management for admin & store owners to manage the medicine inventory.


Track all medicine shopping & delivery orders across the website & app.


Manage various medicine delivery operators and associated drivers.


Option to go for mileage-based pricing or fixed pricing based on zones or distance for delivery fares on the online medicine software.


Setup and manage promotion codes and referral campaigns on both the medicine website & app.


Track medicine delivery drivers in real time on a map across cities in real time.


Complete financial accounting system to keep track of medical store earnings and driver earnings.


Manage cash & card earnings for drivers with direct payments to driver’s bank accounts.


Push messages to Medical store owners, drivers and customers directly from the admin.


Manage dispatchers for different cities or zones.


Individual store setup & management.


Mobile responsive and SEO friendly with sitemap & slug generation.


Setup the app commission for different merchants.


Create custom menus for various medical store franchises and shops or import an xls file.


Detailed analytics reports for individual items, stores or overall medicine delivery business performance.


Rate & Review the delivery service or medical store to maintain high service.


Integrated with Stripe, Braintree, Hyperpay & more.


Inspired from delivery apps like Netmeds, Practo etc, Med.Me is a feature-rich Online Medicine Software solution backed by a robust & scalable tech-architecture. The online pharmacy software system consists of

100% Customizable

Our medicine delivery software can be customised for a variety of delivery app ideas. Whether it’s medical stores ,groceries, flowers, fashion etc Med.Me has been developed to provide a unique white-label medical store delivery software solution for each business idea.

PCI Compliant – Online Medicine Software

We assure PCI compliance so you will have not legal issues accepting in-app purchases on your customised Online Medicine Software app.

Prebuilt Scripts

With our proprietary pre-built medicine, delivery, store management solution, we move medical store software apps from development to deployment faster than any other medical store delivery app developers out there.

Scalable & Clean Design

Using state of the art app container technology, clean coding practices, use of microservice architecture while simultaneously integrating safety & security features on the app – MED.ME is one of the most robust Online Medicine Software solutions in the market today.

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency Support

Irrespective of your location or currency preference, MED.ME can be tailored for any medicine delivery business or pharmacy store around the world.

Referral & Promotions

To improve growth of the userbase & overall user retention, Our grocery delivery business software solution is equipped with promo & referral features for both customers & drivers. Our underlying scalable tech architecture ensures our grocery delivery app can handle the growth of your userbase.

SEO Friendly Design

All medicine purchase and delivery apps built using the MED.ME software solution are designed keeping the best SEO practices for apps in mind. This aids in the apps overall ranking in search engines & online app stores.

App Monitoring & Chatbots

Our online medical shop software app is the only customizable Online Medicine Software that provides chatbot-integrated app monitoring services. This ensures you have on-demand app performance updates for your tailored medicine app.


Our online pharmacy software solution is not only robust & scalable but extremely secure as well. SSL-powered API’s, Keychain, JWT, reverse proxy setup etc ensures that security extends all the way from the app to each individual API.



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